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Immigrating to Chile

Living in the country + renting to travelers

  • Established vacation rental complex, 2km away from the Pacific Ocean. (Away from the Tsunami area)
  • Assistance and support  with operation and rental, available (German partners)

The vacation complex

Bird’s eye view of the vacation resort

City tour through the fishing village of Guanaqueros

Please note:

You are currently on a sub-page that has been set up specifically for sales and is not accessible from the main page.

By checking the site you can see how we present ourselves to our guests (further description of the vacation complex and the philosophy behind it).

Contact and information

Torsten Gerdes
Phone + WhatsApp: +569 4409 1043

Los Maitenes 51
Región de Coquimbo, Chile

Google Maps:

Pelícanos en la Bahía de Guanaqueros

Start anew in freedom – Immigrating to Chile
Guaranteed quality of life: “Ocho Aguilas Eco Lodge”

Fulfill your wish for a sheltered existence.

Here, in the so-called “Little North” of Chile, about 430 km north of the capital Santiago de Chile, life is quiet and in harmony with nature. This is where the stressed Santiaguins (the inhabitants of the city of Santiago) and, in recent years, increasingly North Americans and Europeans, come to relax and catch their breath.

What tourists can do here:

  • Trekking and hiking
  • Water sports:
    Surfing, diving, sandboarding, fishing, among others.
  • Eco-tourism:
    Guided tours focused on: Wetland and coastal birdwatching, birdphotography.
  • Guided tours to Andacollo mining town. Located 60km away in the Andes (1000m above sea level), this town hosts 4 companies mining  gold and copper . The “Andacollita” is mined in smaller mines. This mineral can only be found here, and is used mainly in the jewelry industry and small figurative carvings. Andacollo also hosts the first artisanal mining museum, recently open, displaying the history of the pirquineros (name given to artisanal miners).
  • Take a deep dive into a family-run mine: A group of 43 families , bought part of the site from the former Dayton gold mine. Now they are seeking their fortune descending through tunnels  which are sometimes up to 100 m deep, to mine gold. One mine can be visited! 
  • Astrophotography and astronomy:
    Chile is home to 70% of the world’s installed telescopes due to its clear night skies. On our premises, guests can safely install their telescopes and cameras and marvel at the night sky in peace.
  • Rest, yoga, talks, reading, mindfulness:
    Our motto is “Peace and contact with nature”. Our cottages have no TV. We offer peace and quiet. We watch the birds doing their various tasks , while our two cats watch the birds…
  • Nature has its cycles. Some of the former vegetation has been eliminated as it completed its life cycle, to be  replaced by new native plants, according to the type of local soil and weather.


  • Immigrating to Chile
    • Sheltered existence: “Ocho Águilas Eco Lodge”
    • Fulfill your wishes for a sheltered living
    • The founders and builders of  “Ocho Águilas Eco Lodge”
  • Property details 
    • The vacation complex
    • The operational side of the business
    • Fotos


Torsten Gerdes

Mobil + WhatsApp: +569 4409 1043

Immigrate to Chile
"Ocho Águilas Eco Lodge". Se ve el jardín decorado con Áloe Vera, Geranios y un Olivar
Immigrate to Chile

Our story

Your sellers are Torsten Gerdes and his lovely wife  Patricia Mraffko. We both came to Chile for professional reasons and fell in love with the country.

At first we worked as employees in the Chilean national company of our respective employers, and very quickly realized that the constantly lively city of Santiago de Chile offers all the prerequisites for a successful career and interesting cultural environment, but not what we were actually looking for: Freedom, peace, good air and the autonomy that we value so much.

So, in 2019, we gave up our rented apartment in Santiago and moved to our plot of land (5,000m2) in the “Norte Chico” (Little North). We refurbished the existing house there treating it it with new wood preservative, and started to tidy up the very large garden: tearing out dead bushes and grasses and replacing them with new native plants according to the local soil and weather.

With the help of 3 craftsmen from the neighborhood, we then built a total of 8 wooden houses and a storehouse.

Detailed description of the property