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Seen on the photo above:
Pacific Ocean view at the top. Closest beach is just 7 minutes away by car


"Ocho Águilas Eco Lodge". Chica y su mascota disfrutando de la cama de cuarzo


  • Immigrating to Chile
    • Sheltered living: “Ocho Águilas Eco Lodge”
    • Fulfill your wishes for a sheltered life
    •  “Ocho Águilas Eco Lodge” Founders and builders
  • The property
    • Operational side of the business
    • Property details
    • Fotos

Property details:

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1. The Houses

Main House

  •  85m² area, plus 30m² roofed terrace.
    Living/dining room with views of the park and pools.
    Kitchen, 3 bedrooms, bathroom with outside-looking window, guest WC.

6 “Family” cottages  (2 bedrooms)

  • 36 m² area+ 12 m² roofed terrace.
  • 2 bedrooms, living room/kitchen, bathroom (shower + WC,  hot water).

1 “Suite” cottage (1 bedroom)

  • 36 m² area+ 12 m² roofed terrace.
  • 1 large bedroom with bathroom en suite (shower + WC, hot water), living room/kitchen.

1 “Office” cottage (same distribution as the “Family” cottages).

1 Small warehouse + workshop.

Wooden main house and cottages are solidly built. 

2. The Residential Complex:
The property consists of a large plot of 5,010 m², located in a rural area about 8 minutes away by car, from the fishing village of Guanaqueros.
Perimeter: the perimeter is secured by means of a 2mt  wooden fence on the street front and, 1.7 m all around on all other sides.  Lockable entrance gate.


Two swimming pools (children: 30cm deep, adults 1.40 m deep) approx. 30m².
One Quartz bed.

One 5mt height observation tower with a 360 degrees view of the surrounding landscape: the mountains and the Pacific Ocean.
Terraces next to the pools and between the houses.
Relaxation area (separated by small trees) with fire pit and wooden furniture.
Roofed BBQ dining area with seating for 10 people. BBQ area open. 
Relaxation area within a green ravine.
Rear area dedicated to reforestation  with native trees and plants: approx 200m² planted.

Power supply:

  • Electricity: via a 220/380V line in front of the house.
  • Internet: Fiber optics connectivity available in the area.
  • Water:  2 storage tanks with a combined capacity of 13,000 litres. Project for a deep well on the property.
  • Waste water: own septic tank (hermetically sealed) with connected drainage system.
  • Waste disposal: There is a large container nearby, which is emptied 2 to 3 times a week. The trash must be packed in bin bags and then taken to the container (the disposal company  does not come to the property).
Foto aéreo del Recinto "Ocho Águilas Eco Lodge" en Guanaqueros. Todo el terreno está cerrado con una empalizada de madera. Las cabañas y las piscinas se encuentran al lado de la calle Los Maitenes. La otra mitad del terreno está designado al parque.
"Ocho Águilas Eco Lodge". Vista puerta diseño "Jarra Pato"
"Ocho Águilas Eco Lodge". Se ve el jardín decorado con Áloe Vera, Geranios y un Olivar